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Surveying & GIS

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Collecting data of highest quality is inevitable for machine learning reference information. We survey the environment and gather highly accurate data for you – no matter where on our globe. SFM Photogrammetry or LiDAR – we have the know-how you require for outdoor as indoor surveying and mapping.  [/zeon_column]
A secure and reliable infrastructure is the precondition for solid data management. That is why we rely on most advanced open source software for our SDI and comply with OGC standards. For example, we build and host Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) based on PostgreSQL with PostGIS, tailored to your needs.[/zeon_column]
Our staff members have many years of experience working with GIS – especially free and Open Source Software (FOSS). QGIS is the workhorse in our daily operating routine. In many respects it is in no way inferior to proprietary software and in our opinion it is even superior when it comes to interoperability, stability and user-friendliness. Let us submit you an offering for support services or software training.[/zeon_column]