EDEO Drone Services

At EDEO, we harness the power of advanced drone technology to provide unparalleled insights into forestry and construction environments.
Our state-of-the-art services ensure precision, efficiency, and high-resolution data capture, tailored to meet the specific needs of each sector.

Forestry Sector

Photogrammetry: Utilize 3D mapping to gain a detailed understanding of forests. Our drone-captured photogrammetry data aids in forest management, timber estimation, and environmental impact studies.

Orthomosaics: High-resolution aerial imagery provides a comprehensive, bird's-eye view of large forested areas, aiding in management decisions or habitat assessments.

Data Post-Processing: Beyond capturing raw data, we specialize in advanced data analysis to deliver actionable insights for forest inventories or carbon estimates.


Construction Sector

Site Surveillance: Monitor ongoing construction projects in real-time. Our drones provide a holistic view, ensuring that projects are on track and meet predefined standards.

3D Mapping: Use our drone services to create detailed three-dimensional maps of construction sites, both prior to and during the construction phase. This facilitates better planning, progress tracking, and visualization of the site's evolving landscape.

Digital Twin Creation: Transform construction sites into dynamic digital replicas. By capturing comprehensive data, we facilitate the creation of digital twins that serve as interactive blueprints, enhancing site management, monitoring progress, and predicting potential challenges.




High-Resolution Imaging: Capture detailed visuals with our cutting-edge drones, equipped with top-tier cameras for clarity and detail.

Safety First: All our drone operations prioritize safety, adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Expert Team: Our trained and certified pilots, combined with skilled data analysts, ensure you get accurate, actionable insights.

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