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Introducing EDEO

Evaluation of data is the key to success

EDEO – your first point of contact for the evaluation of remote sensing and spatial data

EDEO offers you customized solutions in the field of location intelligence and remote sensing.

Remote sensing is the key technology for state-of-the-art environmental monitoring, consulting and risk assessment. In this area, we work with the most modern approaches of machine learning combined with expert knowledge. We scale solutions to your needs. We rely on superior, stable and fast Open Source GIS software for the post-processing and management of the information obtained by remote sensing. This guarantees you the greatest possible added value and interoperable re-use of your data in future projects.

Get in touch with us! We would be pleased to advise you on your personal requirements.

Remote Sensing

For several decades, data has been recorded from above our earth’s surface. Satellites such as Landsat, but also airborne sensors were pioneers. Recently, the satellites of the European Copernicus program have been supplying state-of-the-art raw data sets for our entire globe. Satellite data has never been available in such abundance and accuracy. Access to it has never been faster and easier. We evaluate this data for your advantage.

Benefit from the information added value that EDEO provides you. Reduce your costs by replacing or optimizing your existing monitoring systems with remote sensing information from EDEO.

EDEO Sensing

Get in touch to learn more about our cutting-edge AI to extract information from raw satellite data.

Value chain

Get in touch to learn more about our location intelligence approaches which follow the information extraction.

Environmental Consulting

Today’s leaders are confronted with important questions concerning our environment: How is our business affected by climate change? How can we meet regulations and benefit from them at the same time? How and where can added value be created in our company through responsible action?

Remote Sensing and GIS are monitoring and analysis tools that serve to support this kind of decision making processes.
By automating data collection and evaluation, these methods are superior to other approaches of environmental valuation in terms of time and money.

Data acquisition

Drones, airplanes, satellites – we have the right solution to obtain data at the needed scale.

Surplus value results

We have the expertise to interpret results wisely and to draw appropriate conclusions for you.

Who we are

Our team combines experiences of computer and environmental sciences. Together we build the future of earth observation.
We are driven by the desire of a green and sustainable development of a livable tomorrow on our planet earth.

Simon Baier, MSc

Simon Baier, MSc

Founder & Managing Director

Simon has several years of work experience as a forester and earth observation research scientist at Technical University of Munich.
He realizes the ideas and develops strategies at EDEO.

MSc Forest Science, Technical University of Munich
MSc Geographical Information Science, University of Salzburg
BSc Forest Science and Resource Management, TUM

Long-distance Runner, Photographer, Gardener

Lukas Schreiber, MSc

Lukas Schreiber, MSc

Geodata Engineer

Lukas is our AI specialist. He handles the technical implementation and teaches deep learning to powerful computers at EDEO.

MSc Forest Science, UBC Integrated Remote Sensing Studio
BSc Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Trail Runner, Mountaineer, Telemark Skier

EDEO worked with

EDEO Sensing for Satellite Imagery

Precise information leads to the right decisions.

Our EDEO Sensing artificial intelligence technology gives us information on the what, where and why in near-realtime.