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At EDEO, we transform the power of remote sensing and location intelligence into tailored solutions just for you.

Harness the latest advancements in environmental monitoring, consulting, and risk assessment with us.
Our blend of cutting-edge machine learning and deep expertise ensures your solutions are precise, efficient, and scalable.

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Remote Sensing

From the pioneering days of Landsat to the advanced satellites of the European Copernicus program, we've witnessed an explosion in the quality and quantity of data available from above. Now, accessing this vast trove of satellite data is quicker and more straightforward than ever.

At EDEO, we leverage this data revolution to your advantage, transforming raw datasets into actionable insights. Partner with us to optimize your monitoring systems, reduce costs, and harness the true potential of modern remote sensing.

Environmental Consulting

Modern leaders grapple with pressing environmental challenges: navigating climate change impacts, leveraging regulations for benefit, and finding opportunities for responsible growth.

Harness the power of Remote Sensing and GIS with EDEO. We provide advanced monitoring and analysis tools, streamlining decision-making with efficient, cost-effective data collection and evaluation. Make informed choices and turn environmental challenges into strategic advantages.


Who we are

Our team combines experiences of computer and environmental sciences. Together we build the future of earth observation.
We are driven by the desire of a green and sustainable development of a livable tomorrow on our planet earth.

Simon Baier, MSc

Simon Baier, MSc

Founder & Managing Director

Simon realizes the ideas and develops strategies at EDEO. He has years of work experience as a forester and EO scientist.

MSc Forest Science, TUM
MSc Geogr. Inf. Science, University of Salzburg
BSc Forest Science and Resource Manag., TUM

Lukas Schreiber, MSc

Lukas Schreiber, MSc

Geodata Engineer

Lukas is our AI specialist. He handles the technical implementation and teaches deep learning to powerful computers.

MSc Forest Science, UBC IRSS
BSc Aerospace Eng., Delft University of Technology

Martin Abstreiter

Martin Abstreiter

Pilot & Hardware

Martin is our certified drone pilot and hardware technician. He really has some MacGuyver skills.

State-certified technical engineer
Toolmaker journeyman

Dr. Alata Elatawneh

Dr. Alata Elatawneh

External Consultant

With years of expertise under his belt, Alata operates as our external consultant for the Middle East, specializing in remote sensing and location intelligence projects.

PhD in Remote Sensing Applications, TUM
MSc Remote Sensing, CIHEAM Chania
BSc Geomatics, Palestine Politechnic University

satellite image of a burn scarBlazeMap overlaid on satellite image

new: Wildfire Mapping

With our artificial intelligence system, we precisely map the burn scars in your study area. Our powerful computers process thousands of satellite images within hours without human intervention. Our software ensures scalability, accuracy and speed.

The BlazeMap™ system builds on the know-how of our forest & geodata scientists. Our experts ensure that you get the quality, advice and flexibility you need.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern machine learning algorithms extract the burned areas from multiple satellite images throughout the fire season.

Expert Know-How

Our system is underpinned by expert knowledge. Our forest scientists support your wildfire activities with their geospatial expertise.