Drone Monitoring of Munich's Bildungscampus: A Four-Year Construction Journey

In a major development for our company, we have been awarded the contract for a significant construction project: the development of the Bildungscampus in München Riem, inclusive of a sports park. This project stands out due to its scale and complexity, and we are tasked with a comprehensive four-year monitoring plan using advanced drone technology. Our role involves producing a diverse range of detailed visual documentation, including high-resolution aerial photographs, immersive 360° images, informative videos, precise orthomosaics for measurements, detailed elevation and 3D models, and dynamic video footage. This project not only showcases our technical expertise in aerial surveying but also marks a significant milestone in our portfolio, underlining our commitment to contributing to large-scale urban developments.


Münchner Raum-Entwicklungs-Gesellschaft mbH

UAV Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Photogrammetry